ZEMLYA: expositie met Oekraïense kunstenaars

17 tot 26 juni 2022
Katrolle –
Roeselare (Scharestraat 20)

De kunstenaars:
  • Alexandra Kadzevich
  • Ivan Benkovskyi
  • Garry Kraevets
  • Nikolay Karabinovych
The title for this exhibition is a quet from the Olexandr Dovzhenko film “Earth”. 4 Ukrainian artists will take part in a group exhibition in the city of Roeselare. In recent years, their creative path was united by an attraction to mistakes, inaccuracies, a desire to keep track of imperceptible errors and the search for hidden metamorphoses. All of them also come from Odessa, a port city in southern Ukraine, which has a certain climate that favors the growth of reeds. It is often confused with reeds, since both of these plants form extensive thickets on the banks. In times of deep upheaval, it is not surprising to confuse the city of Roeselare with Odesa, and reeds with reeds. An exhibition about an imagining oasis, a meeting place for 4 artists from Ukraine.
Meer info op: www.k-trolle.be